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Congratulations to GPStudios for over 25k Subscriber. Sorry for late. Im making fan made of 25k subscriber. Hopelly you enjoy after i publish




New movie in works

2017-06-10 11:06:23 by MGL-HeroBrine

Yes guys new movie in works. I started 3 days ago. The intro is shitty. The name is Madness Orgation. cant put picture without computer T-T P.S i typing with android

guys. im typing with android cuz i left my computer in countryside. now im going back there for 3month dont worry i will animate much until september. i will back every week online. thank you for standing. cant online in skype. p.s. the countryside dont have wifi internet


Stupid Question

2017-06-04 09:45:24 by MGL-HeroBrine

Who is the best **********?


2017-05-28 07:17:55 by MGL-HeroBrine


New Mag Character: BaGautte

More Fidget Spinner

2017-05-25 09:49:59 by MGL-HeroBrine


More Fidget Spinner Made by me!

Sprite is Private [ Don't ask about the sprite ]

Enjoy! and leave comment and like

I will make more

100 Fans = 20 Fidget Spinner Ready

ScreenShot 1#

2017-05-23 23:32:30 by MGL-HeroBrine


Screenshot of Project: BloodPath | Episode 1.5 of Project Mercury |

Current Progress: 15%

More Fansss

2017-05-23 08:33:19 by MGL-HeroBrine

Sup guys. I need 65 Fans to Celebrate hard!

Celebration is About Fidget Spinners!5562858_149554278952_POLZ.png

AnimatingTest #1

2017-05-21 12:03:23 by MGL-HeroBrine



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If you enjoyed them i will make more

Fidget Spinner 2#

2017-05-21 01:08:56 by MGL-HeroBrine


Second Fidget Spinner

Made by| MGL-HeroBrine

Programs| Flash CS6